Friday, October 2, 2015

Super moon? Huh? No! Super Ayami!

Hello all of mine adoring lil friends! Lon time but no seeing :( Yes, I hear all ppl speak of this moon called of super moon. Hmm, well it look some bigger in sky, but the super eyes of Superest Ayami see it same size as always is being. Silly little ones with your normal senses: easy to trick with illusions of optical. Anyway, to make funny joke I fly all way to space (so easy) and move moon closer to world of ours. now it really do look bigger than usual. Hehehe, that secret joke between all us! Let scientists puzzle and puzzle how happen. We know how! Reason because cutest super woman Ayami push whole moon with but one only hand!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Like movie but real

I am watched old movie called Day After Tomorrow and now I b thinking. Maybe Super Me can do same thing to USA with powers of mine. News b say America responsiblest 4 environment problem so maybe I b problem for USA environment. Hehe so many all little dumb American bugs find it so cold if I use Super Cold Breath to freeze them. All sunshine and warm gone as each of mine puffs a breath make temperature colder and colder. Millions millions of USA people all run from me! 1 super ice breath make all of temperature go down to 0. Brrrrr for them ... Hehehe. 2 super breath all down to -20. Ahhhh poor babies, so cold, but not for me! 3rd supper ice breath now ground cover in so much snow and ice I be laugh when I see all Americans run to Mexico to be warm. USA thinking it so strong but it so so weak when b compare to one small girl of Japan! I would have so much fun if deciding to be super frost princess!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


ok so just my way of be saying hello to all of fans. lone time no see! :( hope all of you are being well. Super Ayami is of corse as super and perfect as ever! hard 2 beleve it already so many years since 1st becoming super unstoppable strong. today still i all ways have fun play to with my all powers. much enjoy placing mine small small hands on biggest of trees. these fingers of mine that look so weak and dainty can crush right in to inside of tree. can you imagine that?! you try same and u fail but Super Me do it and easy is clear. y stop at crush though? yes, it most satisfy to...LIFT! hehehehe ground shakes. small girl lift and tree with all roots come tear out of dirt below. now i holding it! holding tree that is 10X my tall size. just me, smallest of girls now lifting big tree up with hands. hands? no now it just being only 1 hand! Yawn. so simple. now i lift up. and down. up and down. still yawn. my arm looking good for real. nice perfect toning sexy girl bicep flex each time i lift. wish you could see? may be u wishing to kiss Super Ayami's yummy bicep? hehehehehe. much possible u arm bigger than mine. No possible it stronger than mine! Any way. lifting tree fun for small time but it not being a pose of challenge. so i throw it away. mine super eyes see tree going out of whole of earth. past clouds. in space! yawn again. not yawn for normal ppl cuz they not as super. they (and u) all so weak. weak like ummm bug maybe. yes bug i thinking good work for all others. sorry if u not like my word but it true that i super. all others bug. well that all for nows. plz do not b hurt by words of mine saying you weak. only 1 can b strong and that is me! L, A

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Super GF

Hmmmm i finding it so interest of so many people saying they like to have gf stronger than he. really? would u not b worry of angery girl? u might all ways having to b so care full in order not to upset her. what if there b arguement? super gf could really really hurt u if she not being careful & patient. just think...small thin girl pushing u threw wall with only but her tiny hand. may be she fly u and hang u by shirt from flag pole! hehehe SUPER gf always b getting her way unless she really good heart. bad news for all fan of me but Ayami NOT so patient. guy who make me upset will be in much biggest trouble. perhaps i super ice breath you into ice cube! or i knock u appartment tower over with push... all i say is b care full of wishing for super GF...maybe u not like so much after all! L, A

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

light ing fast!!!!!!

fly by! blink or may be miss your hero! feel most free to worship Super Ayami me thoughe!!! L, A

Monday, April 2, 2012

wake up time

it feel so good waked up and b super strong. after 8 hr beauty sleep (every nite!) ayami ready 2 start her new day. i alwayz staying perfect shape but nice little jog very refresh to me. 30 minutes is plenty a time for me to run around all of world 100 times. i wunder if it can b call jog when i run so fast? of corse it seeming most casual to me bcuz i could running much much fast if i liking to. it still cute to b seeing faces of confuse ppl as tiny blur of girl flashing by!

Monday, February 27, 2012

gone but not long

hi fav toys! your super goddess b gone for bit of vacation. maybe i go to planet saturn, it only 10 minute flight to me! hehehehe. while i being gone think many good thoughts of queen me.


L, A